The 5 ways

The 5 Ways of Well-being is an evidence-based philosophy and a full activity concept which stimulates one’s well-being.

  1. Connect (connect and communicate)
  2. Be Active (allow sufficient exercise)
  3. Give (give to others and yourself)
  4. Keep Learning (continue to learn and to challenge yourself)
  5. Take Notice (be aware of your surroundings)

The 5 Ways of Well-being is used to help businesses and organizations to stimulate health and vitality, and thus take action to improve vitality within organizations and avoid loss of employability.

The 5 Ways of Well-being philosophy is deployed within Corporate Vitality to define a human resources strategy around a vitality and sustainable deployment policy. Additionally, the 5 ways are reflected in workshops, lectures, TED talks and seminars, all organized by Corporate Vitality for the purpose of inspiring and motivating staff and to create vitality awareness.


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